THE CASTLE The Inconvenient Suicides

Director/Writer - Žilvinas Jonušas
Choreographer - Tabitha Boulding
Costumer - Courtney Bourque Frederick
Filmmakers - Ulf Christer Bäckström, Joshua Whitaker

Our Players

ASS #1 also The Hanging Braid Girl - Tabitha Boulding
ASS #2 - Žilvinas Jonušas
ASS #4 also The Girl with the Letters - Živilė Kaminskaitė
ASS #5 also The Girl in a Hospital Gown - Amanda Danieu
ASS #3 also The Fresh Cut Girl - Jennifer Nelson
Sir M. - Courtney Bourque Frederick
Chris, The Sound Guy - Gavin Marshall Hecker

This work was developed in part in the Resident Artists Program 2014 of Mabou Mines/Suite.

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The Castle
The Castle
The Castle
The Castle