A Louisiana native in exile, Courtney has designed costumes for stage and film in New York City for over 10 years. As co-founder and resident costumer of Sogmush Collective, a moth-eaten collaborative of Edward Gorey-possessed (obsessed?) theatre performers, Courtney has been involved in the writing, design, and performance of various Soggy ventures, including dance theatre, film, and burlesque. He has also styled for various NY artists, including performance artist Monstah Black and opera soprano Christine Arand.

His love of story and character, a fascination with period fashion, and some friendly arm-twisting brought him to theatre. And he was hooked.

Driven from New York by a plague of cicadas and a cavernous love of poetry, Courtney now resides somewhere in the wilds of the Midwest.

He is a writer, editor, small press publisher, and consummate collaborator with a penchant for handlebar moustaches, worsted wool, and oboe quartets.