By Deborah Zoe Laufer

Summit Performance Indianapolis
Phoenix Theare Cultural Center

Dec. - Feb. 2020

Directed by Amy Lynn Budd
Additional direction by Lauren Briggeman
Costume designer: Courtney Bourque Frederick
Scenic designer: Lindsey Lyddan
Lighting designer: Laura E. Glover
Sound designer: Zackery A. Bennett
Props Master: Danielle Buckel
Stage Manager: Bella Murray

“When we meet her, Bari has made a virtue of refusing connection...she has made rejection of such value her life’s work. She is determined to boldly live where nothing matters rather than creating meaning. Now her beliefs have become self-fulfilling prophecies. Faced with ungovernable force in her own body, Bari must reexamine the systems she built to avoid connection and decide to do the work—or not.”
~ From Director’s Note by Amy Lynn Budd

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Be Here Now
Be Here Now
Be Here Now
Be Here Now
Be Here Now
Be Here Now